Sonntag, 7. November 2010

Live-Sreaming of first collective show

Kaskadenkondensator Basel, Switzerland

Archived Videos from this night:

Declaration of the Eurolatinperformanceproject Free Trade Zone

We, the


declare this carpet as a Free Trade Zone (FTZ = "zone 1350",

or "The Carpet") for artistic exchange.

In correlation to the Chinese Special Economic Zones (SEZ = "Ecuador") and thinking on declarations

of a state of emergency (SOE = "Clown", any action and behavior in the Zone is justified AND

performed in the name of Artistic Research. (AR = "Swiss Cheese")

This includes following rules:

1. The Carpet works also as a dump place and wasteland for all the bad and unused ideas,

which come up during the work for eurolatinperformanceproject. We are mainly jumping

through in this dump place as Laura Mello did in her video-performance.

2. The Swiss Cheese is focused on questions like: "Why the hell do I stand in front of this

guy/girl again, and what is she/he doing there!?"

3. Language is in general used in the sense of Sian's Performance "This is a Fish." Objects,

beings or concepts have explicitly or implicitly to be renamed and redefined. This principle

is called; The "What-are-flowers-if-a table-is-a-boat-principle".

a. Exception; The words


for Audience,


for Borders,


for Visions

are untouchable, and have always to be used in this way.

b. the English word “

Salad “ does no longer exist. It is Lechuga!

4. The content of any wallet in zone 1350 is object of investigation and can be controlled by

anyone form within or abroad The Carpet.

5. Everyone agrees on doing the effort to SEE AND NAME any perceived color from The

Carpet Perspective as beige-grey-green-shiny. Everyone loves the color beige-grey-greenshiny.

6. Every lie stated in zone 1350 hast to be taken for real in all its consequences.

7. Everyone on The Carpet is responsible for ALL the artworks, which were or will be

presented during the eurolatinperformanceproject. We all can be accused for all those works

either as a total or as a singular person.

At the same time we all can claim those artworks as our own personal work.

8. zone 1350 is a Lechuga garden. (Lechuga = "personal identity crisis")

9. If someone does not know how to interpret a situation considering the rules, Andreas Sell is

in charge to help out in finding a solution.

10. There are always four masks available; if not physikally, then imaginary: the black

panther, the clown, the wick and the golden mask.

11. Any temporarely suspension of this rules or any new rule has to be declare publically.

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