Samstag, 27. November 2010

Another View on Wastelands

Saturday 20th, 14:00

Wasteland / Brachland / terreno baldío / le terrain vague

An experimental City-Talk with Birgit Szepanski and Friends: Cécile Belmont, Sandra Truté, Stephan Weitzel, Patrick Jambon and Sascha Lukac

Themes and questions:

How could we tell stories about a city? What will happen between you and me and my friends in this urban situation? What happened here years before and in the past? What kind of place is this place? What kind of views will grow in our mind, after leaving this place?

Or in a more abstract way: What are the influences that influence our ways of thinking, talking and acting?

We are living in structures and try to leaving them, we need structures and we need gaps and all kind of interspaces. Where are we performing or making imprints, signs of our presence? How could we talk about movements and stories, our individual imprints and political and social signs in cities? What happen between all these kinds of spaces?

May be cities are also interspaces where movements are imprinted in a movable material? And on the other hand cities are projections for our thoughts and actions and movements and fictions about interspaces.

I am wondering how we could create space and rooms, buildings and surroundings for humans and communities, without boundaries. How could we built spaces that are real and only interspaces, without imprints of history and past? Where would such interspaces exist? I like the swarm of birds. The sky is their space. They are movable, they are a community and individuals at the same time. Their movement consists of single signals from each bird. The interspaces are the gaps between the birds. And they are communicating areas. – Birgit Szepanski

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