Dienstag, 30. November 2010

Solo & Collaborative Performance Program

Friday 26th

The Process Institute

(Zoe Kreye, Catherine Grau, Irene Izquierdo, Carlos León-Xjiménez)

The Services Jackpot
Could you imagine a lottery that does not give you money?
A lottery that still isl desirable because everyone offers services instead of money.

The Process Institute researches on the lottery format to test how insofar these players offer services to the winner, but also what means to win... and be served in so different ways and manners that were not calculated.

Services up to the value of 10 Euro are requested to participate in the game. Everyone may evaluate in a conscious way what is able to offer, what is pleasant to do to others...

A test on an incoming non-monetary but more exciting lottery?

presenting the lottery game

distributing the bills
counting the jackpot

selecting a possible winner?

No. Selecting someone to get the winner bill

the winner on stage, open the box to get the offered services

back and shoulder massage at first,

and more massage,

head massage,

then 3 minutes kisses (á la Suisse),
then 3 minutes hard training,

harder than even imagined...

finishing with nails painting...

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