Samstag, 20. November 2010

City- View and -Talk "Another View On Wastelands" 
at Saturday, the 20th of November at 2 pm. 

My friends Cécile Belmont and Sandra Truté, Patrick Jambon, Stephan Weitzel and 
Sascha Lukac and I looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. 

Here you will find a drawing by Cécile Belmont to find the meeting point. A short description
might be useful: 

When you come from the main station (northerly exit) you have to cross the street Invalidenstrasse.
The food stands are in front of you, than turn left and follow the Invalidenstrasse until the next traffic light. 
You cross the street and turn right into the Minna-Cauer-Strasse. You will follow this street along the 
wall of the "prison-parc". After 500 m you will see on the left side an empty area with brown grass and 
trees. In the middle of this wasteland we will meet. 

If you get lost or have questions you could ask me to find the way. My german mobilphone
number is: 0151 - 566 493 49. 


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